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My Jeep Journey - Darrell's Story

15 Dec 2021

My Jeep Journey - Darrell's Story

So we are in Westport in my new Grand Cherokee Limited diesel.

It's low tide and the sun's about to set, so we decide to go and explore on the beach because we can. Getting a bit adventurous I go off the tracks that the locals were using and park up behind the driftwood wall. We spot a soccer ball so the boy and I go and kick that around. We get back in the Jeep and off we go....ah no…all 4 wheels are stuck, halfway up to the axles! 

I'd been here before in a land cruiser years ago so I knew what I was in for and with no spade on board it wasn't going to be fun. After a couple of minutes of thinking about my fate, my boy leans over from the back seat and suggests I turn the dial to SAND mode. Completely forgetting about it, I turned the dial and with a click, we were ready to seal our fate. I couldn’t believe my luck when the Jeep climbed out of my doomed situation with ease.  As we were driving away I noticed four local lads parked in a ute who must have seen what was unfolding, their mouths open in amazement as I waved and drove down the beach.

We had an adventurous weekend after that, taking the Jeep into some real dumb places without getting into trouble. Its armed with Terror Gripper tires and a compressor now and still no spade.

I still have the Grand Cherokee and have got the wife a new Compass Trailhawk and we're yet to put that through its paces.