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My Jeep Journey - The Farrow's

29 Nov 2021

My Jeep Journey - The Farrow's

Meet The Farrow's.

John and Dianne love Jeeps. The love affair began in 2013 when they began off-roading on a safari run by DORC (Desert Defenders Off Road Club) and saw a few Wranglers in action. Within a week they bought their first Wrangler, a 2011 Renegade and tricked it out with a lift kit, steel bumpers front and rear, a winch, bigger tyres and snorkel. 

They had so much fun with their Wrangler that they traded it in for a Brand New 2015 Wrangler Rubicon. 3 years later, they purchased a new Jeep Cherokee as an extra car. They loved their Cherokee and took it off-roading through river tracks and in the snow just to see what it could do. During that time they bought a caravan so decided to upgrade the near new Cherokee for an anniversary edition Grand Cherokee to use as a tow wagon. 

The affair continues, this year they traded their anniversary edition Grand Cherokee in for a 2021 Grand Cherokee Overland. Now they have the best of both worlds - a great tow wagon which also carry's their mountain bikes and 2 large dogs, and an awesome off roader in the Rubicon. 

What can we say? It’s a Jeep thing.