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DISCLAIMER: All information is current as at 1st July 2011. Some information presented or used in the Drive-Away Price Calculator is sourced from third parties, and although every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed. 1) Manufacturer’s Retail price (including GST) & Luxury Car Tax (LCT) 2) Dealer delivery charge (including GST) for Dealership specified, or, if no Dealership is specified, the average of dealer delivery charges (including GST) for the State or Territory of the post code entered. Individual Dealerships may charge more or less than the average dealer delivery charge. 3) Registration and/or Compulsory Insurance includes all relevant CTP and/or similar charges. For NSW and Queensland, where CTP varies according to insurer and nature of owner, the amount used for the calculation is based on rates charged by NRMA for a 40 year old male with a good driving record.